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Minato Bar offers a rich variety of all types, forms, and shapes of sushi. Our assorted sushi rolls, along with other dishes, are served on the bar with the utmost aesthetic form. We provide our customers an experience that touches upon all senses and beyond. Click here for picture gallery.


Sashimi – Slices of raw fish, served on a bed of vegetables or crushed ice and with an assortment of sauces.
Nigiri – A slice of fish on a rice rectangle.
Hoso Maki Roll - A roll made of half a sheet of seaweed with the seaweed on the outside.
Futo Maki – A thick roll made of a full sheet of seaweed.
Inside-Out – A roll in which the rice wraps the seaweed and the filling.
"Sandwich" – Similar to an "inside out roll", except that it is cut in the form of triangles, like a sandwich, and coated with Tempura or sesame.
Coated Rolls – Black sesame, white toasted sesame, Tempura chips (provides the roll with crispiness), Tobiko roe, salmon roe, salmon chips, raw salmon, seared salmon, seared tuna, tuna zuke, seared sea-bream.

Types of fish and their serving forms

Toro - A juicy cut of tuna, served as Sashimi, Nigiri and Maki.
Tuna – Served as Sashimi with Miso or spicy sauce and avocado cubes, Nigiri, tuna Maki, I/0 spicy tuna, and avocado tuna.
Tuna Zuke – slightly cooked Tuna, marinated and served as Sashimi, Nigiri, or as a coating to a roll.
Salmon – served as Sashimi with added salmon roe, Nigiri, hot Nigiri, Salmon Maki and 10 kinds of  I/O rolls with various combinations.
Salmon skin – Salmon and crispy oven-roasted salmon skin, served in various types of rolls and combinations.
Bonito - Served cold after roasting as Sashimi and Nigiri with citrus sauce.
Sea-Bream – Served as Sashimi, Nigiri, hot Nigiri, and rolls.
Sea Bass – served as Sashimi and Nigiri.
Red Snapper - served as Sashimi and Nigiri.
Yellowtail - served as Sashimi, Nigiri, yellowtail Maki , I/O spicy yellowtail, and Tempura roll.
Cod fish – fried with Penco coating and served inside a roll.
Surimi – Pollack served in rolls and fried with a tempura coating.
Vegetarian Sushi – more than 20 combinations and varieties of rolls with a choice of vegetables and Tamago (Japanese omelet).


Penco/Tempura rolls: Salmon, Sea-Bream or yellowtail with a tempura coating or Penco or avocado, red onion, cucumber, and spicy mayonnaise.
Tataki Rolls – Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, or mahi-mahi fish marinated in sake, lightly roasted in a frying pan, and served with avocado or asparagus, red onion, cucumber, and Minato mayonnaise.
Rolls with Seared Fish Coating – A variety of rolls coated with salmon, sea-bream, or yellowtail, fried on fire and brushed with a semi-sweet sauce.
Rolls with Zuke Coating - A variety of rolls coated with tuna zuke- tuna marinated in a unique sauce that gives it a soft, unique taste.
Tempura Vegetable Rolls – Tempura vegetable roll with spinach, asparagus, snow peas or sweet potato, served with mayonnaise.

Japanese Salads Served on the Bar

Edamame – green soybean pods, boiled and served with coarse salt.
Harusame Salad – Cold Harusame noodles, thinly sliced cucumbers, carrots, and wakame seaweed in a sweet and sour marinade
Cold noodle salad – Soba noodles on a bed of greens with tamago strips, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, diced tofu, and wakame seaweed with semisweet sesame sauce.
Nasu Aga Bitashi - Fried eggplant cubes fried and marinated in a spicy sauce.
Namasu – Japanese pickles

Izakia dishes – Japanese Tapas

1. Tuna Tataki Special in a sauce that is based on ponzo (citrus) and Japanese mayonnaise.
2. Salmon Miso Yaki – Oven-grilled salmon cubes in semi-sweet Miso sauce.
3. Piri-Kara Yaki – Oven-grilled cubed tuna or yellowtail in spicy mayonnaise.
4. Nanban Zuke – Fried sardine slices marinated in a sweet& sour marinade with onion, carrots, and green pepper.
5. Aga Tetsukone – fried cutlets of minced blue-runner fish, edamame, water chestnuts, fresh ginger, and scallions.
6. Okonomiyaki – Salty Japanese pancake with scallions, soba noodles and marinated minced ginger; comes with three sauces: Japanese mayonnaise, spicy mayonnaise, and home-made teriyaki sauce.
7. Cod fish in penco and Misonnaise (Miso mayonnaise)
8. Soups in espresso cups – Miso, Agashi, Udon

Sushi is served on the bar with wassabi, ginger, organic soy, low sodium soy sauce, spicy mayonnaise, and other unique Minato sauces.
*   Whole fish can be included as part of the bar’s design and presentation.
*   We will do our best to offer a wide variety of fish on the day of your event, however, fish are seasonal, and depend on imports and local availability.

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